Who we are

Who we are

We specialize in creating a complete and authentic Cuban experience. We offer a varied catalog of services and we have exceptional specialists in each field. We differ from traditional agencies in the personalized treatment we provide and the enthusiasm and knowlegde of our intructors and guides.

We want to act as your hosts in our beautiful country, help you to organize your stay. Our goal is for you to get closer to our language, our history and our culture. An added benefit of our agency is that our instructors know several languages -English, French, Italian, Russian- which allow them to communicate with you during your stay.

We want you to experience the real Cuba, the one that exists beyond the typical tourist routes. And we love what we do. The contact with people from all over the world enriches us and motivates us. We want you to feel at home in Cuba and -at the same time- to create your own image of our country.

What we offer?

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world. Come learn with us! For over 10 years we have been working with students from many different countries and at different levels of language proficiency. Our communicative teaching methods based on language immersion and learning are well received by all. We work in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere -away from classrooms or schools- to offer students a truly unique learning experience. You can apply for individual classes or small group study.

Music and dance are favorite activities for all Cubans. Where else in the world is it better to learn traditional Cuban dances and rhythms than in Cuba? Our teachers, young musicians and dancers graduated from the best schools in the country, will help you get started or improve the skills you already have in Salsa, Afro-Cuban dances

One of our main goals is to help you to connect with the Cuban reality and its people. That is why we have prepared a series of tours designed to guide you through Havana -the capital of Cuba and a centre for Cuban history and culture. You can choose from daily or hourly routes. We can adapt to you and your specific interests. Let us know what language you speak – English, French, Italian, Russian- and we will match you to guides who speak your language.

Havana’s coast offer one of the most beautiful sea beds in the world. This is why diving is a great option to visitors to Havana. We work with two of the most experienced diving clubs in our country, offering beginning or advanced courses, as well as several excursions.

If you prefer to have the experience of living with a Cuban family rather than staying in a hotel, we have the perfect accommodation for you in the most central neighborhoods of Havana – Old Havana, Central Havana, Vedado and Miramar. All the homes available facilities to make your stay comfortable -single rooms with private bathroom, air conditioning, hot and cold water as well as breakfast and meals if you request. The best part of staying with the family, however, is the warmth and friendliness of your hosts who will make you feal at home.

How do we operate?

If you are not only interested in taking Spanish lessons but also in renting place to stay or joining one of our tours, please contact us aprende.spanishcuba@gmail.com or complete the contact form.

Be sure to include the following information:

  • Full name and nationality.
  • Date of arrival in Havana and length of stay.
  • Number of class hours that you want to receive.
  • Level of prior knowledge of Spanish and any other language you speak.
  • Interests and preferences regarding accommodation, sightseeing tours (and in which language), cultural and leisure activities such as diving, etc.

We will stay in contact with you via email to answer all your questions and give you all the necessary information.

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