Art Lessons in Cuba

In SpanishCuba we have excellent artists-teachers, graduates of the best academies in the country. We offer art courses for children and adults, dealing with techniques such as drawing, watercolor, acrylic or oil painting, collage, modeling clay, carving in wood, working with recycled materials, decorating objects, papier mache, among others. In our courses you will learn the basic formal notions of artistic techniques – line, forms, colors, light, composition – as well as an overview of the history of universal and Cuban art.

Classes and workshops are taught in Spanish, making it an excellent opportunity to improve your language while giving free rein to your creativity. If you do not know our language, or have a basic level, it is no problem, a Spanish teacher with knowledge of English will support your learning at all times.


  1. Intensive course (5 days, 3 hours-day): 180 CUC.
  2. Medium course (10 days, 2 hoursday): 250 CUC.
  3. Personalized course: you can organize your own course, choosing how many hours you want to devote to classes and those artistic techniques that interest you most. Price:
  4. Private lesson: 15 CUC´s per hour. Class Group: 10 CUC´s per hour, per person. 
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