Colonial Havana

Guided tour along Havana’s historic centre or Old Havana. The visitor can also appreciate the architectural beauty of the old city of Cuban capital and learn about the history of the foundation of the city. Through the populous Obispo Street, where some of the most popular sites of the Historical Center are located, such as the Ambos Mundos Hotel or the Café París, we will reach Havana Intramuros, stopping at the four main squares of the Historic Center. The Plaza de Armas, the original nucleus of the founding of Havana. There are as important examples of colonial architecture, such as the Palace of the Captains General, former residence of the Spanish governors and present City Museum, the Palace of the Second Cape or the Temple.

In the Plaza de la Catedral, we can appreciate the Baroque style temple surrounded by magnificent palaces, one of which houses the Museum of Colonial Art. The Plaza de San Francisco, home of the old Franciscan convent today converted into a museum and cultural center, as well as the Café Oriente and the Trading Market. The Old Square, surrounded by important cultural institutions such as the Photo Library of Cuba, the Center for the Development of Visual Arts or the Dark Chamber. Finally, we will access the surroundings of the Bay of Havana from where we will learn about the defensive history of a city besieged by pirates and corsairs.

For Hour-Guided Tour: 30 CUC.

All day Guided Tour: 60 CUC

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