Cuban dance lessons

Music and dance have a long, rich tradition in Cuba, the result of our mix of cultures and traditions. In SpanishCuba, our teachers are graduates from the best art schools in the country. With them you will have the opportunity to learn our typical dances, such as salsa or Afro-Cuban dances.

Classes are held in a specially equipped study. You can learn to dance with us during the day, and practice at night in one of the nightclubs in our city. Being able to dance will help, no doubt, to make your nights in Cuba much more entertaining.


Private lesson: 12’s CUC per hour, per person.

Class Group: 10 CUC’s per hour, per person.

Write to or fill out the contact form and tell us which dances you would like to learn, and how many hours of class a day you want to spend on lessons. Send us travel dates, we will respond immediately, giving you all the information you need to start dancing as soon as possible.

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