Elegant Havana

Guided tour along Vedado´s neighborhood. Between the decades of 1920s and 1950s the powerful Cuban bourgeoisie left the historic center of the city and settled in this and other neighborhoods outside the walls of the old city. In them they created magnificent mansions and clubs in which they spent the free time and celebrated sumptuous celebrations and dances. The history of wealthy Havana families, such as the Gómez-Mena or the González de Mendoza is closely linked to this neighborhood.

Mansions such as those of the married couples formed by Juan Pedro Baró and Catalina Lasa del Real (current House of Friendship) or Maria Luisa Gómez-Mena widow of Cagiga, Countess of Revilla de Camargo (now National Museum of Decorative Arts), are included In an exciting tour that also includes emblematic sights of the city, such as La Rampa, the FOXA building and the US Embassy in Cuba. The history of power, money, architecture and urbanism more advanced of the time, and the changes happened after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1, 1959, is summarized in this neighborhood, one of the best known among the interesting sights of our city.

Price: 20 CUC per person

Time: 4 hours


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