What we offer

Spanish classes (individual or small groups)

7 CUC’s per hour per person, with a minimum of two hour per day.

Classes will take place either in the house you are staying or in your teacher´s house. Our courses are flexible and can be adapted to your style or needs. If necessary, your teacher can be changed.

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Spanish Instruction for Specific Purposes and Professions.

10’s CUC per hour, per person.

This course is aimed at improving Spanish language skills related to a particular profession or area of study. Although our teachers are highly specialized in the arts and humanities, they can cover other fields of knowledge, as well. Tell us about what your objetives are and we will be able to create a course according to your needs.

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Itinerant Spanish Classes

Elementary Level: 35 CUC´s per class (four hours), per person.

Intermediate and Advanced Level: 45 CUC´s per class (four hours), per person.

If you want to combine learning Spanish with acquiring a deeper knowlegde of the history and culture of the Cuban capital, this course is perfect for you. We offer two modalities according to your language level (see prices above).

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Cuban dance lessons

Private lesson: 12 CUC´s per hour

Class Group: 10 CUC´s per hour, per person.

Music and dance have a long, rich tradition in Cuba, the result of our mix of cultures and traditions. In SpanishCuba, our teachers are graduates of the best art schools in the country. With them you will have the opportunity to learn our typical dances, such as salsa or Afro-Cuban dances.

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Art lessons

Private lesson: 15 CUC´s per hour

Class Group: 10 CUC´s per hour, per person.

In SpanishCuba we have excellent artists-teachers, graduates of the best academies in the country. We offer art courses for children and adults, dealing with techniques such as drawing, watercolor, acrylic or oil painting, collage, modeling clay, carving in wood, working with recycled materials, decorating objects, papier mache, among others. In our courses you will learn the basic formal notions of artistic techniques – line, forms, colors, light, composition – as well as an overview of the history of universal and Cuban art

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Accommodation in private houses in the neighborhoods of Vedado, Centro Habana, Habana Vieja and Miramar.

Between 25 and 45 CUC’s per  night, per person

If you prefer to have the esperience of living with a family during your stay in Cuba, we can recommend a varied choice of houses in Vedado, Centro Habana, Habana Vieja and Miramar – all peaceful and centrally located neighborhoods; with cafes, bars and restaurants and, as well, easy access to other parts of the city.

You can have a room with a private bathroom at your disposal in all the houses we offer. You also have the right to change your accommodation if you don’t feel satisfied with it.

Guided city tours (4 hours).

30 CUC’s per person: Spanish and English language.

35 CUC´s per person: Russian and French language.

Walking in Havana (La Habana) with a guide is an experience that you should not miss. Beside the traditional city tours, we can suggest other interesting routes seldom travelled by tourists. We can also design a tour especially for you corresponding to your interests and preferences. Check out our tours or write to us at aprende.spanishcuba@gmail.com.

Excursions (One day).

60 CUC’s per person: Spanish and English language.

“One Day” routes will allow you to know in depth the Cuban capital, its history, its culture, its people. Our guides will accompany you on a wonderful trip through the past, present and future of our country. We love our city and we want you to discover everything we love about this great Caribbean city. Find out about our routes through aprende.spanishcuba@gmail.com.

Diving in Havana.

We work with several diving clubs in the city. We offer options for all divers: beginner or advanced diving courses (deep diving, night diving, streaming, underwater orientation, etc.) as well as guided two-hour excursions. The latter, with a price of 40 CUC´s, includes the price  of the guide (Spanish or English speaking) and rent of diving equipment.

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Transport service in private cars: the cost depending on the distance.

Service Conditions

Payment for all services is made upon completion, to either the person or the agency that has provided the service.

Entry fees to museums, theatres and others attractions, as well as food and transportation, are not included in tour cost.

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  1. Hi – I go to Cuba a lot and usually stay in Playa Giron. My Spanish is fair but needs a lot of work. I was wondering if you know of any qualified Spanish teachers living in Playa Giron ir Playa Larga. I will be in Cuba in September for about 3 weeks – thanks Judy

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