Itinerant Spanish Classes

If you don´t have much time to visit our city and you want to combine learning Spanish with a deeper knowledge of the Cuban capital, and you have an intermediate or advanced level of Spanish language, this course is perfect for you.

Course Characteristics:

The course consists of 4 hours a day: 2 hours of theoretical classes in which we will expand our knowledge of the Spanish language, and 2 hours of excursion through the most representative places of our city. We have programmed the visits in such a way that they coincide with the essential topics of grammar and vocabulary of our Spanish course:

  1. Tour of the Historic Center and its main squares (2 days).
  2. Visit to the neighborhood of Vedado (2 days).
  3. The Plaza de la Revolución and its surroundings (1 day).
  4. Visit to the neighborhood of Miramar (1 day)

We can schedule visits based on your interests. Tell us what you like and what you are most interested in knowing about Havana, and we will make this course very special for you.

Price: 30 CUC per day (4 hours).


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